Friday, October 1, 2010

Virtual Makeover

For a while I have been thinking about changing my hairstyle. I have fairly long hair down to my mid-back. I have had this style for 15 years or longer. I have thought about getting it cut shorter, but not sure that I could do anything drastic. My Knight loves long hair. He really wants my hair to stay on the longer side. What he doesn't understand is that I am getting older and the gray hairs are showing more and more. I need to so something. One, it will help me to feel better about my self. So, yesterday I googled hairstyles and cuts and came across a website that let you do a virtual makeover at no cost.

So, I uploaded a recent photo of myself (top photo). Then I began to go throught the nearly 400 hairstyles that the had for you to try out. It was really quite fascinating. Once you up loaded a style onto your photo, then you could manipulate is by changing the hair color, adding highlights, low lights, flip it, fluff it, etc.

After much looking, changing, adjusting, and getting my Knights opinion, I finally think I have found a "New Look". The lenght of my hair will still be long, but I will get bangs and a new hair color. Hopefully, it will cover the gray. So, what do you think? Oh, the makeover sight allows you to add makeup, lip stick, eye shadow, mascara and such. Pretty neat, huh?



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