Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Favorite Thing...

One of my favorite things is....Old Cook Books. Particularly cook books that are older than 1950's. These cook books contain fascinating & unique recipes, some have fabulous stories, antidotes, and lots of simple recipes with few ingredients. Women of these years lived a more simple life than we do today. They used what they had on had. Many had limited funds to purchase ingredients or they grew everything they consumed. Some of the years these books were written were laden with the Depression Era or Wars. During those times food was either rationed, scarce or both. Leaving women with only their imagination and creativity. When they created recipes they did so with these factors in mind.

I love using these recipes books to plan my meals. They make for a much cheaper meal that still contains taste, texture, and nutrition. Using them helps me stretch my weekly grocery budget to the max without the loss of variety. During the course of this blog I plan on sharing some of the recipes from these books that my family enjoys. If you have the opportunity to pick up an "Old" cook book really look at the recipes, try a few, and experience life as it was during that time. I think you will find that they are very tasty and healthy.

I have one cook book that was printed in 1906. What is the oldest cook book that you have?

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