Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Weeks Thrifty Finds

     This weekend I was able to stop by a couple of Thrift stores and a few yard sales on our way to and from the Apple Festival in Lincoln, AR. Our family enjoys going out and about on a Saturday visiting festivals, flea markets, antique stores, etc. We have not only made a lot of family memories this way, but we have found few bargains along the way. Here are a few of the items we found this week.

I love anything Toile. So the other day when I cam across this beauty, I was thrilled to find that this was a brand new Toile Coverlet. It still had the tag on it which stated the original price of $60.00. I was able to get it for only $4.00. This will look great in the Master Bedroom, besides keeping our tootsies nice and warm.

My next find was this lovely fellow. I love white dishes. They are so versatile and you can add pieces to dress up any occasion or holiday. He was only $2.50. Isn't he adorable. What is he you might ask?
Well he is a Gravy Boat, Soup Tureen, or Veggie Side dish server. Which ever your need is at the time. I just love it when I find something that I can use in many different ways. Don't you?

These lovely Fall cloth napkins I didn't find at a thrift store or yard sale, but instead at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They were having a large clearance sale. I was on the look out for another item, when I came across this package of 4 large napkins for only $2.25. Plus, I had a coupon for 20 percent off. We use cloth napkins all the time. I would rather feel the soft cloth next to my mouth, than that of a rough paper napkin.

What are your feelings on cloth versus paper?

There you have it, a few of my thrifty finds during this last week. I do hope that you have a wonderful week with lots of bargains and thrifty finds thrown in as an extra bonus.


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