Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family Christmas Gathering #2

This past Sunday we gathered at my parents home to celebrate the holidays with my Mother's side of the family. If all would have been there we would had 38 people in her tiny house. But instead we only had 32 people there. WE MISSED know who you are.

There was lots and lots and lots of food....We all ate too much. I know i did.  We each had to catch up on everyone 's lives, work, kids, etc. I always love getting together. We don't get together enough.

As always, the men gather in the living room watching a ball game of some sort. It is usually really quite in the room until a something significant (in their eyes) happens on the TV i.e. fumble, touchdown, goal, foul, etc. Then they hoop-n-holler at the TV, then make comments to each other. It is so funny to set back and watch this male bonding...the silent version.

Then there are us ladies, we all gather in the dining room or kitchen as talk, talk, talk.  We talk about everything. Life, health, cooking, kids, work, clothes, homes, decor, etc. You name it we have probably talked about it. Sometimes we get to laughing so hard we cry....

Then there are the kids....they play together, tattle on each other, pick on one another, make up, and play some more. In and out of the rooms and house. This includes both the BIG and the little kids.

All in all though it is always a wonderful time.

Merry Christmas....may you be able to enjoy you extended family during the Holiday.

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