Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas Deals

Today I was surfing to see what kind of deals I could find. I received a gift card for Christmas and was just checking our my options when I came across this:

Steam Juicer
Reg. Price $189.99  I got it for $24.86 + shipping

Can you believe it! This is such an Awesome Deal!

These are so neat. They allow you to just put in whole fruits. You don't have to cut, core, or peel. Just wash and add to the basket. Then allow the steam to extract the juice of the fruits to make a clear juice for canning; juice, jellies, marinara sauces, etc. Plus, you can use to steam veggies or as a standard stock pot. Multiple uses from one item. That is what I like; items that I can use in many different functions.

I can't wait to get this here, so that I can CAN up lots of wonderful things.

I then was looking at other the canning supplies and considered getting bulk pectin, clear jel, jar flats, or several different books (I love books), but then I came across this:

Steam Canner

Price: $39.98 + FREE shipping

This is something that I have wanted for some time now.  Since, I do so much canning all year round these use only a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the water that doing a Boil Water Bath does. The steam reaches a temperature of greater that 212 degrees, which is what boiling water is, in only a couple of minutes. Versus using more water and more time and longer processing; which is what I am doing now. This is going to be such a time and energy saver.

Hurry up and get here! I can't wait to use you!

So there you have it. I spent my gift card and got two wonderful new items that I hope to get years and years of enjoyment, functionality and use out of.  Have you found any deals? Did you get anything for Christmas that you are totally excited about? Or that you have had on your wish list? Share, please!

If I can CAN then you can CAN!

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