Friday, November 19, 2010

Life, Weight Loss and Car Shopping

Greetings my Friends,

I am still here....Life at Red Bud Cottage has been extremely utterly crazy busy, to say the least.

We have been car shopping...This alone can make life really turned upside down for awhile. It is not a process that I look forward to. Although every now and again it is necessary. All looking, researching, inquiring, driving, taking to mechanic, haggling over price, etc. is just time consuming and sometimes frustrating. 
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We finally decided on a 2008 Toyota Yaris. Since, I drive quite a bit for my work this was an excellent choice as it is rated to get 37 MPG City and 40 MPG Hwy. Thus this little car will help with the gas bill. I was beginning to worry a lot about our Jeep breaking down on me somewhere, so I am thankful that God has given us this vehicle.

During our research on this vehicle we found that many people can get more mpg hwy mileage. Well, I tested that theory the other day when I made a trip to Ft. Smith and back. They are right in the fact that you can get more mpg. Our car is a standard 5 speed, thus we have a little more control of the car with consideration to being able to coast, shift down, etc. Plus, I am not a "lead-foot" when it comes to driving. In fact, my Knight would like it if I would drive a little more like others. But, I am not one to take risk or drive above the speed limit so I take it easy....Well, it paid off...I got 51 MPG on that little trip all Hwy miles. AWESOME! Then when I filled up again this week I got 40.3 MPG with a combination of Hwy and City miles...

Besides car shopping, the kids have been studying for semester tests, we have been listing and selling items on Craigs List, we are preparing my Knight's music room for a make-over, and everyone is getting anxious for Thanksgiving holiday...I think we are just really excited for a few days off to just relax, enjoy family, eat lots of yummy food, and sleep in late (even though I know that won't happen).

Oh, I wanted to update my weight loss. As some of you know I have been on a diet with my Knight since summer. I have officially lost 40 pounds since August 2010. I am feeling so much better, lighter and healthier. I am having to shop every few weeks for clothes, especially slacks. I am thankful that I have found something that works for me and that I can do. Currently, I am off the diet because I want to enjoy the holidays, but I will start up again after the first of the year. I still have about 30 pounds that I would like to lose. This is a total of 77 pounds since October of 2008.

I would like to say a big "Thank You" to my Knight who was also doing this diet with me (until he reached his goal weight), his love and support mean the world to me. Also, "Thank You" to all the others who have encouraged me, complimented me and just kept me focused on the process. It is much appreciated. It kept me uplifted to keep on track.

So there you have it, some of the happenings in my little corner of the world.

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