Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday

I'm hoping that everyone survived the Thanksgiving Holiday and are probably by now back in to the routine of everyday life. Did you join the throngs of people who got out in the cold to take part in the Black Friday specials? I didn't I stayed home and enjoyed the nice warm fire and cozy bed, but I did not get much sleep...Why? You might ask, since I was all cozy and warm. Well, I have 2 teenagers (soon to be 16 & 18) they wanted to go to the sales (starting at midnight no less...), so after much discussion persuasion on their part. I gave in to them going to the sales on their own, with an older guy friend along. The only conditions were that:
1. They called or texted me every time they arrived at or departed from a store.
2. They carried wallets in front pockets or purses zipped and on arm at all times.
3. They stuck together and NO ONE was to be by themselves.
4. They were NOT to stand out in the cold; they must wait in car for store to open then go in.
5. If there was a period of time in between stores opening, they were to go to get a Taco Bell (open in the wee hours) get a snack and wait there.
6. If any of the above requirements were neglected, ignored or abused....there would be dire consequences in the form of some serious groundings from computer time, cell phones, and car privileges.

So, what did I do on Thanksgiving Evening and Black Friday morning.....I WORRIED (like any normal mother) and waited patiently anxiously on Text messages and phone calls all night long...Growing Up is Hard To Do, especially for the Parents.

How did it go? Well, they survived...they got to spend their saved allowances...and learned a few lessons; like how people become so crazily obsessed with STUFF when they think that they are going to get it Cheap??? and don't care about any one else around them or how RUDE and Careless people can be. They learned that it really wasn't worth staying up all night long freezing in the winter cold all for a $7 Tee Shirt...

All in all, we all made it through and they got to grow up a little more, gained some knowledge and realized that next year they will listen to their Mom and get all their deals on the Internet...and have a group of friends over instead for a night of games, hot chocolate, and good food.

Oh, the Lessons we learn as we GROW into adults.....if only, I could have learned some lessons early on in life........:-)


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