Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life is Good!

Life is Good... Well, Hello again. I have been gone for a while...but I am sure that each one of you understands. Life just takes over sometimes. Family and jobs come first. So I hope that each of you have been doing well. That you have had a wonderful and prosperous Spring. And that you survived the floods, storms, rains, and tornado's. We had some flooding in our basement, but nothing like some folks. Our hearts and prayers go out to ALL that were affected.

Summer is here unofficially, if you are going by the calendar. Yesterday, the heat index was above 100 degrees and  it is only the 3rd of June. I can't imagine what August is going to be like if we are that hot now. I may have to come up with an outside kitchen quickly, so I don't overheat the house when we start canning alter this summer.So, here are some of the things that have been happening in my world the last few months: 

Our daughter, Michele, graduated from high school. The two weeks before her graduation was filled with year end dinners, awards ceremony's, presentations, etc. She has received 10 awards/achievements and scholarships (woohoo!). We are so proud of her. She is planning on going to our local college this fall. majoring in Early Childhood Intervention. She loves children, especially child with disabilities.

Our son, Kendall got his drivers license and a part-time job as Chester Cheeto, but we won't let him drive to work just yet by himself. So, we are still in the mode of taking and picking up each day, especially now that school is out and his sister is working and can't be the errand girl anymore. 

I changed jobs. I took a position as the Director of Development for a non-profit organization called LifeSource International. We serve the community in many ways; Food Pantry, Clothing Pantry, Kid's Life After-school and Summer Camp programs, Senior Citizen assistance, professional Counseling, Adult Education, Monthly meal outreach & Food baskets, and medical referrals. Thus, I have been trying to settle into a new job and rearranging all my normal routines (since I go into an office each day and not work from home).
In between all the busyness I planted a garden, flower bulbs and plants. Now I am just waiting until they all burst forth in all their loveliness.

So there you have it...all my excuses for not being around much the last month.

Life is good and we are blessed. Even though, I haven't gotten to get out much and find any good deals at flea markets or yard sales. Nor have I gotten to home-can anything, just too busy and tired when I get home. Nor have I gotten to read any good books, other than some grant writing books for work. But, I cannot complain..we are all safe, we have a roof over our heads, we have jobs, and food to eat.  Life is Good!

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