Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garage Sale Find...What is it?

Okay, so the other day it was so beautiful out. Spring has sprung and my Knight was stir crazy from being in the house for 3 weeks (burn injury). He so wanted to get and do something. So, we decided to take a drive and see if we could find a few yard sales. We did. In fact, we found some pretty good deals.

A few antique/retro green water goblets that matched my grandmother Hilda's set which I inherited ($1 for 2). Found Shell-Belle a pair of brand new white GAP pants (marked $42, for $4). An old fashioned kitchen scale that can weigh up to 25 lbs. of "whatever" for a $1. A couple of shirts for $.25 each (Sonoma brand). And a few other odds and ends.

Then we found this ----> (see pic)

Know what it is???

When I first saw it on the table I thought it was an oddly shaped syrup pitcher. That is until I picked it up to see if the slide-lid worked. Too my surprise there was no slide. When you pressed the lever on the handle something else happened.

Have you figured it out yet???

It is a HONEY pitcher.

When you press the lever on the handle it raises a plug at the bottom of the pitcher, so that it will dispense honey at a slowy and gently rate without any mess. Then when you release the lever it closes and you set it back into the holder. Which also catches any drips.

I did a little research on the internet about it. It is not an antique. But it still a very useful item, especially since we use honey a lot at Red Bud Cottage. I found the pricing to be anywhere from $9 to $19.95 for this item, not including S/H or tax.

So for $3, I got a unusual item for the kitchen that will come in very handy, useful, and make for a good conversation piece.

Have you found any good deals as of late?

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Melodie said...

Well that is very cool! A treasure find indeed!

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