Thursday, January 13, 2011

$82.78 for Only $8.15 ~ Now That's a Bargain!

I love shopping at Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, and Flea Markets. I never know what kinds of treasures I might come across at a really excellent price that can fit into our extremely tight budget. I am always on the look out for anything, home decor, possible gifts, linens, etc.  But since I practically live in the kitchen, except for when I am working at my job, I usually gravitate toward dishes, bake-ware, etc. I think I end up in those areas of the store because I am always on the look out for canning jars on the cheap.

Anyway the other evening, I stopped into a local Thrift Store (Potters House) and here is what I found:
I love cooking on pampered chef stoneware, but it is too expensive to buy new. So when I came across this little gem, a never used 8" mini baker by Pampered Chef for only $2.49, I couldn't pass it up.

Internet price: $23.95

Internet price for a NEW one is $23.95.

What a Deal! $21.49 Savings

Next, I found 3 Johnson Brothers Plates. Two match the set that I have (The Friendly Village) and a bread plate from a different set (Pennsylvania Fieldstone), but it matches close enough that no one will ever know it didn't really go with the set. I got a Dinner Plate $1.99, Salad Plate $1.79 and Bread Plate $1.29
Thrift Store ones - sorry about pic color

 Internet price for:
Dinner Plate $24.99
Salad Plate $8.00
Bread Plate $9.00

Savings of $36.92

Now the Best Deal of that Day...
 I happened across this Early American Press Cut Glass Syrup Pitcher in perfect condition for ONLY $.59 cents. We make our own pancake syrup here at Rose Bud Cottage, so this lovely piece will be great for those Saturday breakfast when everyone is here and we get to enjoy a hearty breakfast together.

Thrift Store find

  Internet price: $24.99
  Savings of: $24.40

 Now you see why I enjoy shopping at these places.....I find treasures, I    get to shop, and it fits within my really tight (and I mean-you can't squeeze anymore out of it) budget. Win! - Win! in my book.

Total Spent    =  $ 8.15
Total Savings = $82.78

Do you like thrift shopping, yard sales, or flea markets? What do you gravitate to, collect, or enjoy? Have you found a really great deal lately? Why not share....Would love to read about it.

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