Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Storing Home Canned Goods

This post is a re-post from June 2009 from a previous blog I had. Hope you find it helpful.

What does one do with all those canned jars now that you have put in all that hard work into preparing them? How does one store them?

Here is what I do. After my processed jars have set for 12 to 24 hours the first thing I do is to check and make sure the jars have all sealed. Then I remove the rings and lift the jar by the lid to verify a good seal. Once the jar has sealed there is no need for the ring. If by chance the food in the jar started to spoil you wouldn't be able to tell until you went to open the jar. But, if you take the rings off and store them without the rings, if the food was beginning to spoil it is possible that the lid would start to bulge or pop and you would be able to tell that it was bad immediately.

The second thing I do before putting away is to wipe my jars down with a damp cloth. This is to remove any residue on the jars and dry them. Thirdly, I label what it is and year made. Sometimes I just write on the lid or put a piece of tape on the lid and write on it, other times my daughter likes to make up fancy labels (especially if using as gifts). Then I place them on my shelves. They are best kept in a cool dark place, such as a basement, root cellar, or closet. Keep at temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees are best and ideal.

When placing on the shelves REMEMBER to rotate your stock. Move the oldest items to the front and the newest to the back. This insures that a jar doesn't get forgotten about and goes bad before it gets used.

I do hope this gives you an idea as to how to store those jars so that they last until you are ready to open it up and Enjoy!



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